ALL Solana (SOL) tx hashes are incorrect

All Solana transaction hashes are imported and displayed incorrectly.

SOL tx hashes are case-sensitive yet Koinly modifies the tx hash to be all lowercase. In effect, the imported tx hashes for all Solana transactions are useless.

I’ve submitted this problem to support directly but it hasn’t been resolved.

To get around this issue in the meantime I’m having to export a wallet .csv using, copying the incorrect tx hash displayed by Koinly, doing a search in the csv for the correct tx hash, and then opening the blockchain explorer link from the .csv to verify the transaction.

This is a tremendous amount of manual work and defeats the purpose of using Koinly.

I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

+1 on this.

And although OP kindly mentions a workaround, I hope it is clear to support that this issue renders Koinly completely useless for any user holding Solana assets.
It is also an extremely simple thing to fix. Please acknowledge/advise on timeline asap at the very least, so users can know if it is worth sticking around with Koinly.

Bumping in hopes someone at Koinly sees this.

It’s not that the transaction ID is wrong, it’s that the field it is saved in shows as lowercase only, I’ve tried to paste the correct TX ID into that field, and it converts it every time. But somewhere else in the interface you can find the ID and copy and paste it, and it shows correctly.