Algorand Standard Assets (ASA)

Your Algorand support is great so far, but right now you only support the native ALGO.
There are already a fair number of Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs), but there will be MANY more soon.
Adding support for them will become more and more critical. Luckily, as they’re native layer-1 objects, changing your import code to handle it will be quite easy.

Your coin support for ERC20/ERC721’s will basically be the same, but you won’t have to worry about contract assumptions, ASAs are just additional fields in Algorand transactions.

This is probably going to explode soon…
It will be trivial for you to add, and hopefully you’ll be able to add quickly.


Hello Patrick,

We’ve logged your request into our feature request list for the developers to have a look at. They work on a priority and urgency basis, so it might take some time, but it’ll get done.

Kind regards,



Any update on this? ASAs are starting to hit exchanges and there are now DeFi on the Algorand blockchain so this is only going to be needed more and more.


Definitely need this soon!!! AlgoMint, Yieldly, algodex traffic will breakout start increasing traffic in next few quarters


Totally agree…Koinly are great normally, but not adding ASAs, like PLANETS is poor. No excuse really!

Now Tinyman (a full Algorand DEX) has hit Testnet with launch planned soon. ASA support on Koinly need to happen sooner rather than later in preparation for these exchanges and more.

I think they silently (!?) added ASA support everyone.
No idea why they wouldn’t more formally announce it.
Resync all of your wallets.

Just be wary, not all ASAs are recognized and the sync will fail instead of ignoring/skipping it

They did but it is horrible broken as unrecognized tokens cause sync failures so not all ASA transactions are picked up (even the recognized ones).
This needs a fix ASAP for it to be usable.


@Anakin_Koinly Making sure this is surfaced. Unrecognized ASAs should just be imported with cost basis of 0 bare-minimum and should never ‘stop’ synchronization.

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