Add support for Flare and Songbird

As per the title add support for Add support for Flare and Songbird networks.

Both are EVM compatible so should be straight forward to integrate.

Block explorer for Songbird:-

Flare not launched yet but info below on testnet and API construct

Coston Testnet - Flare Network

Yup, +1 to this. Please add Songbird and Flare support

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+1 - Please add Sondbird and Flare support

+1 Please add Flare and Songbird network for correct tax calculations. Thank you

I use Bitrue API and own some SGB (SongBird). Koinly is categorizing some lots as SGB (SubGame). Anyone else having the same issue?


Definatly needed and quick songbird is live and koinly is useless until it’s integrated. Please get it sorted as going forward difi support will be a requirement for a big chunk of the crypto business