Add Support for CELO Blockchain

Can you add support for the CELO Blockchain for both CELO an cUSD? My CELO shows up when in an exchange (Bittrex) but not when in a hard wallet. Can’t add hard wallet.

Agreed. Would love to see native integration with the CELO blockchain for transaction syncing.

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Celo is becoming more and more popular, there’s a lot of tokens on there now. I would love it if we could import CELO blockchain.

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Without Celo support (and no easy/obvious way to import the block explorer cvs), I can’t use Koinly for my taxes.

Curious to hear what you’re considering using as I’ve been waiting for >1 for Koinly to offer Celo support.

I would definitely like to express my interest for a Celo integration on Koinly.
Without this integration I simply can’t file my taxes as there are crazy amounts of capital gains that show up that never actually happened since I never sold for fiat… Just moving coins to Metamast created capital gains out of thin air :roll_eyes: