Add sub-wallet or wallet-groups (so we can add synced blockchains to Ledger/Trezor wallet)


We cannot add a hardware wallet using ‘auto-sync’, so instead we need to add numerous wallets for different blockchains individually.

This is OK.

However, it clutters the user interface with so many separate wallets. Usually we only want to see one Ledger/Trezor wallet in the wallet interface which holds multiple currencies.


A potential solution is to implement “sub-wallets” or “wallet groups”.

This means that you can add blockchain wallets to a single wallet (hardware wallet) in the interface.

The “wallets” page will show a single wallet for your hardware wallet instead of multiple blockchains.

The “wallet” page can either show the aggregation of all coins, or contain a link to the sub-wallet page.


Or simply have a list of addresses to auto-sync from. Or just have an option to auto-sync from the addresses shown in the file import.