Add Quick sync (in addition to full sync)

This should be a feature request, but Discus didn’t let me select that.

Problem: When using the sync feature for wallets, in particular Coinbase, it takes a good 20 minutes to sync right now.

Expected Behavior: It should sync in 1-2 minutes and should only sync transactions since my last transaction time.

Actual Behavior: It takes 20 minutes (and I assume) syncs all transactions since the very beginning of my account.

I don’t actually know what you guys are doing behind the scenes but I’m assuming that the reason it takes so long for the sync process to happen is because you’re pulling all transactions. If instead you offered the option to do a full or quick sync, the user can run the sync more frequently.

For example, I just did a full sync of my Coinbase account. Then I made one more transaction. I should be able to sync just that last transaction fairly quickly rather than needing to re-sync everything.

I assume you could just look at the times of the latest transaction from Coinbase and then just sync everything after that. If there’s fear of missing transactions there could be a slight overlap. But at least it wouldn’t pull everything, since those transactions shouldn’t have changed anyway.

So yeah, hoping for an additional “quick/partial” sync option for times like these.