Add NFT trading support


with the recent NFT hype we really need proper NFT support asap.
Right now I’m working around it by tagging NFT minting as “cost” and sells as “income”.
The Problem is when you mint multiple NFTs in one transaction you have to tag every single one of them as cost… which is technically wrong as long as you haven’t sold it. It’s also really hard track which NFT you bought and sold this way.

yes please, I have many NFT transactions that I need to account for last financial year

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The proportion of crypto users that require NFT tracking is already increasing rapidly, and with 1.5 million on the waitlist for the Coinbase NFT marketplace releasing later this year, I imagine that the need will only grow more urgent.

Last week I noticed a tweet from another Koinly user asking for help getting NFT transactions to work. I explained how to manually edit transactions to include numbered tokens, and soon thereafter one of Koinly’s competitors replied, encouraging us both to use their software instead for better NFT tracking. There will be many new crypto tax software users this year, and I suspect a not insubstantial number of them will be choosing based on how easily they can track NFTs using each service.

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Koinly really needs to add nft support, i will start needing to look for alternative crypto tax services as NFT’s are becoming are a big part of my portfolio.

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Please add support for the main NFT marketplaces:

OpenSea, Solanart, MagicEden, AlphaArt and any other marketplaces. i can name a few quick ones: paintswap (for FTM network) PancakeSwap has a BSC NFT area as well.

Thanks a lot and keep up the great work

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I’m not personally thinking of switching because Koinly has been fantastic for tracking almost everything I do and I can see that the team has been doing a great job of keeping up with the incredible pace of change in this space, but I am concerned this could be a missed opportunity to onboard a lot of new users that will be using this particular feature to decide which service to go with for their first time using crypto tax software. I know the dev team must have a mountain of integration requests to fill and deciding which one to tackle first is always a trade-off, but I suspect that seamless NFT tracking could be an important feature moving forward not just for user experience but also for marketing.

@koinly @Petur_Koinly any news on NFT’s? Particularly OpenSea should really be supported by now being ETH based… Solanart and others would be great too but not as important.

TokenTax and alternatives have supported them for months

I and many others will have to switch if not… “tagging” is not sustainable and pointless because it leads to incorrect figures which makes the product useless.