Add integration for Helium (HNT) Wallet

Helium is a decentralized wireless network. Thousands of “hotspot” owners mine HNT in exchange for providing wireless coverage to IoT devices. Having the ability to add a Helium wallet and automatically sync it from the Helium blockchain would be a huge win for the thousands of owners. Helium hotspots mine very frequent - hourly in many cases. This creates thousands of mining transactions per year.

This is a huge potential market for Koinly. All of these thousands of hotspot owners are going to need a solution for calculating their taxes. The other providers barely support HNT as a currency and no one yet that I have found supports sync a Helium wallet.

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I second this.

I like this project. They have a lot of nodes at the moment around the world, 16000+
(That people needs to buy, at the moment it cost 300usd)

I know that Binance has Helium


I agree. Please add Helium. Over 17,000 Hotspots now.


FYI, I have two helium hotspots and I get ~20 transactions per day. If Koinly integrates the helium wallet the way their tiered pricing works you will have to pay for the $279 pro plan to do your taxes. I’ll post this as a feature request elsewhere as well but I suggest that any mining deposits to the same wallet on the same day be counted as 1 transaction for purposes of the tax plan. With that change the maximum would be 365 for mining portion of the HNT transactions and we could use the $99 plan.

Currently I use the helium-taxable-mining-earnings repo on github which lumps all my transactions into one for each day and I upload that instead of the 1000s of transactions from exported from the helium block explorer.


I’d really appreciate this being added as well.


I can’t find transaction for Helium in binance, so it’s gonna cost me over $190 bucks to file taxes for missing base cost. You must ADD The Helium Wallet for Mining from Helium Hotspots.


I really appreciate this integration. I mine a lot and manual exports are really time-consuming.

Plus, the Helium API is open and super-simple. See: introduction | Helium Documentation.


Adding my support for this as well. Would be very helpful, love Koinly!


It would be really great to have integration with Helium explorer.

Currently there is almost 40K Helium hotspots around the world. Next 200K-300K should be shipped till the end of the year. There is a big potential to have plenty of new customers at Koinly platform.


Guys, Seriously, There are going to be tens if not hundreds of thousands of people/businesses all over the world wanting this coin/wallet.

I would buy a plan today, right now, if I could use this for HNT.


I am also here to show my deepest interest in this.

I’ve made a manual wallet for helium but the idea of constantly updating with csv’s is tiring especially with the amount of transactions.

Please add the ability to auto sync with api to koinly.


I had hoped to find feedback here about the integration of Helium API into Koinly. I want to see a reply to this ongoing thread for HNT support or it will push me into another choice for doing my tax prep work.

Please get this updated, I support all of the comments in this thread requesting support for HNT wallet API’s. The People’s Network needs to be recognized and should have auto-sync ASAP…


Hmm, I find this concern to be a priority for folks that are mining Helium on the People’s network. HNT was at ATH this past week at over $30. When will we get an update on this API integration? Helium has active multiply third parties using the API from the network. Koinly needs to update for this easy fix into the tracking system. I have 2 miners and another 2 on the way. With each miner making 30-150 transactions a day. You might find a big new rush of folks paying for support and using this great tracking software. Please I beg the koinly devs to update this thread soon.