Add integration for Helium (HNT) Wallet

Helium is a decentralized wireless network. Thousands of “hotspot” owners mine HNT in exchange for providing wireless coverage to IoT devices. Having the ability to add a Helium wallet and automatically sync it from the Helium blockchain would be a huge win for the thousands of owners. Helium hotspots mine very frequent - hourly in many cases. This creates thousands of mining transactions per year.

This is a huge potential market for Koinly. All of these thousands of hotspot owners are going to need a solution for calculating their taxes. The other providers barely support HNT as a currency and no one yet that I have found supports sync a Helium wallet.

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I second this.

I like this project. They have a lot of nodes at the moment around the world, 16000+
(That people needs to buy, at the moment it cost 300usd)

I know that Binance has Helium

I agree. Please add Helium. Over 17,000 Hotspots now.

FYI, I have two helium hotspots and I get ~20 transactions per day. If Koinly integrates the helium wallet the way their tiered pricing works you will have to pay for the $279 pro plan to do your taxes. I’ll post this as a feature request elsewhere as well but I suggest that any mining deposits to the same wallet on the same day be counted as 1 transaction for purposes of the tax plan. With that change the maximum would be 365 for mining portion of the HNT transactions and we could use the $99 plan.

Currently I use the helium-taxable-mining-earnings repo on github which lumps all my transactions into one for each day and I upload that instead of the 1000s of transactions from exported from the helium block explorer.

I’d really appreciate this being added as well.