Add gOHM value and remove duplicate

Currently Koinly has 2 possible gOHM tokens listed, both appear the same with 0 market value, and it appears to allocate one of the two possible coins to a transaction - also causing trouble with sending beween wallets and is a big headache for the SushiSwap WETH-gOHM farm. Neither are correct, please at least remove one so we can have a placeholder until the value gets added.


For reference the value of gOHM is the index * OHM price. This is on the olympus dao site. Thank you.

EDIT: gOHM is the replacement for the wsOHM that was previously working, but wsOHM is the pervious version and is no longer useful for anyone migrating over (everyone) as it is no longer getting rebases.

As long as Koinly uses market prices from CoinMarketCap this problem won’t be solved. CMC are notoriously known for displaying wrong prices and taking forever to add new tokens, and the problem has been increasing over the last year. According to this article Koinly states that:

For popular currencies all prices come from CMC and for lesser known currencies we fall back to other data aggregators. Rates are fetched multiple times an hour via the API provided by these services.

CoinGecko is considered the new standard but sadly Koinly still uses CMC. OHM is a top 100 coin so I’m assuming it’s considered a “popular” currency but Koinly would have to manually reroute governance tokens like gOHM to aggregators who’s displaying the right price, like CoinGecko.

I got my request approved by CoinMarketCap today for the gOHM/WETH pair so it should display the right price in market price now

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