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Hello - can someone tell me if I need to pay tax to a mining company I am using in the US? I am based in Ireland ? They are saying I need to pay 20% tax on the profit before being able to withdraw

Is this correct?

Thank you

Hello, I have very limited knowledge on taxes, but I am hoping to try and attempt submitting my tax on the Australian MyGov website using the reports created on Koinly.
I have crypto CGT gains/losses from 2018-2019 tax year as well as the 2019-2020 tax year as I have not yet submitted cryptocurrency to the ATO. (I am yet to complete my 2019-2020 tax return for the ATO)
So my question is can I submit my crypto CGT with the reports from BOTH tax years on the MyGov website and how do I do this?
Also, where do I add the electricity and equipment costs of mining for my Tax Return on the MyGov website? (I had undertaken mining in the 2019-2020 tax year only)
As i mentioned above I do have little knowledge in relation to Tax, and so any assistance anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated - thank you in advance!