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I think it would be great if each wallet had its own dashboard with overview just like the main dashboard does which shows all combined wallets holdings/P&L.
The reason I think each wallet should have its own dashboard is because if you are an institutional investor and use COINBASE PRIME you do not need to pay taxes on any trades in that account if its a 401k,IRA, ROTH IRA and so on. But I like to keep it linked because KOINLY does a good job at showing cost basis and P&L. Crypto exchanges havent really caught up to traditional exchanges and we know crypto is hard to keep track of.
It would be nice to be able to add or subtract the tax calculations of each wallet from the main dashboard so if you want to include or exclude a wallet from the overall main account dashboard you can. Being able to open each wallet and look at the P&L and cost basis of the holdings would just make things more user friendly.

I would like to hear other opinions on this.

Hi, could you please integrate a Quantfury API?