Ability to "lock" tax year once completed/ submitted


I wonder if it would be possible to implement to ability to “lock” a tax year once completed and the tax return/ assessment has been submitted to the authorities, to prevent further changes/ API updates etc.


I second this. I have filed my taxes, and I want to make sure all my transactions that are “reported” are marked as such internally in case there’s a change in the way I account for cost basis in the future, or really just to know for sure that it’s taken care of and “fixed.” Koinly could easily add a button that allows you to do this after your most recent export, and add a variable to each transaction internally noting that it has been “locked” or “reported” under xxxx tax report.

My main concern is that if I delete/ or update APIs (e.g. Kucoin’s recent update to API 2.0), I am not sure if this will this affect my transactions for previously submitted tax years.

I agree that having the ability to lock (or unlock) prior tax years is very important feature.

This is a MUST HAVE.
I used FIFO for 2020, but have to switch to HIFO going forward, otherwise I have a giant tax issue. However, without locking, the system recomputes everything back to the beginning of time as HIFO. Please ensure this is delivered for 2021 tax year.

I think this feature is key. As an alternate, with less burden on Koinly, I’d like an end-of-year holdings report that details each remaining tax lot. This information is in the Koinly data base. With this detailed information, someone could start new year with the end-of-year remaining tax lots and choose the cost method most desirable for their situation.