Ability to Add/Search Tokens Using Their Contract Address

The ability to add or search a token by their address when adding/editing a transaction would be a big improvement for all the UNI-V2 tokens or other tokens with the symbols.

I’m glad that liquidity in/liquidity out transactions are now automatically tagged (which solved a lot of the issues with not being able to specify which UNI-V2 token you’re dealing with). But I still need an option to manually specify UNI-V2 tokens when dealing with other projects (e.g. ESD interacts with UNI-V2 tokens in a way that Koinly doesn’t recognize).

The issue with not being able to differentiate tokens with the same symbols can be solved by being allowed to input token addresses in the search field.


Balancer Liquidity Tokens too. Currently can’t find the correct BPT token when I want to create a manual tx.

+1 as well. Trying to search for CAKE-LP to fix some liquidity transactions but unable to find the right CAKE-LP (there’s over 4000 results)!