Aavegotchi support + add functionality for user to specify a tag for all transactions from/to a specific wallet address/es

Minting NFTs from inside the Aavegotchi gotchiverse creates multiple outgoing (tagged ‘send’) transactions of the different alchemica tokens via smart contract, these transactions aren’t linked to a minting transaction/received nft. They should then also be appropriately tagged ‘cost’.

Allow us to setup automatic tags on incoming and outgoing transactions based on the wallet address the transactions are going to/coming from. For example when listing an item in the Aavegotchi NFT baazaar, there is a cost of 0.1 GHST, however, this is registered by your app as a simple ‘send’ transaction. The address the fee goes to is always the same, so users could simply say “any outgoing transactions to ‘x’ address should be ‘cost’”. The same works the other way round for incoming transactions from specific addresses, the user could choose to set them as ‘rewards’ or ‘airdrops’ or ‘income’. I’m going to be farming my Gotchiverse Realm soon which is many incoming transactions a day from the same wallet address… i’ll need to individually tag these as income. Letting the users set this automation themselves will be HUGE and will provide use cases across so many defi projects. Also means you don’t need to add individual support for each defi protocol or play to earn game.

But please support aavegotchi wearable nfts, all of mine are manually created instances of null. The new gotchi and realm support is nice! thank you for that. If you didn’t already know, Aavegotchi ‘Gotchi’ SVGs are stored on and are retrievable from on the blockchain or from the aavegotchi subgraph ( SVG Subgraph - Aavegotchi Contracts ). You already have access to the token id :wink: so please pull our cute svgs. Jsyk, soon there’ll be a large variety of Realm paarcel installation NFTs.

Hey @jesuisfatigue ,

Few great points right there.

Currently we do not support ERC1155 but support for them and for Aavegotchi is in the pipeline. You can vote for it and receive notifications here Support for Aavegotchi ERC1155 | Integrations | Koinly

Regarding automatic tags to specific wallet. This is a great idea, I have added it in my own words to our feature requests list. See here Auto-tag decision based on wallet address. | Feature requests (public) | Koinly

Feel free to upvote it or add additional comments to it!

As for SVG, we will have to wait for coinmarketcap to list it unfortunately to get a price feed. But if you have single reward/cost transactions with it, you can edit in the “worth” field of the transaction in the meantime. If the transactions are trades, then we can auto-deduce the fair market value from the tracked asset on the other side of the trade.

Hope that all makes sense! Thanks for all the feedback :slight_smile: