250 pages of transactions condenced in to Aggregate 8949 of 3 pages for USA tax 2021

after paying $300 to Koinly , all i got was a 3 page summary aggregate of what was supposed to be a 250 page transactions history. i am confused , when we upload this to turbotax, no where it says that this is an aggregate.so how does IRS know if this is an aggregate???
my question is, does the 8949 supposed to be a 250 page document and not just a aggregate of 3 pages. ?
koinly needs to answer this, they took $300 fees they need to answer.

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The guidelines for Form 8949 clearly state that all transactions must be reported.

According to TurboTax, if transactions were included in 1099B’s they can be summarized, if they were not included they must be detailed

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I understand that it can seem strange, however the aggregation is done according to Turbotax guidelines and is accepted by the IRS, you dont need to worry!

You can find more information on how the aggregation works in the article linked below. :smiley:

Report aggregation | Koinly Help Center.

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