Yoroi CSV calculation

After I purchase ADA on Coinbase Pro, I send it to Yoroi to get it onto my secure ledger. Since Koinly doesn’t natively support Yoroi, I use the CSV import. I noticed that for every CBP to Yoroi transaction, Koinly simply shows the Yoroi wallet getting a new deposit from the outside, not a transfer from Coinbase Pro. If I try to fix this by manually changing the ledger, everything gets thrown off. This is because Koinly seems to do the following with Coinbase Pro Transactions that get transferred:

Coinbase Pro —> Cardano Purchase
Cardano (in CBP) → Coinbase Wallet
Coinbase Wallet → outside wallet

Since Koinly doesn’t natively connect with Yoroi, simply changing the transaction to “transfer” doesn’t work because only the first step in the sequence above has been completed on the ledger (CBP → Cardano Purchase).

For tax purposes, isn’t it an issue if Koinly thinks every ADA deposit in Yoroi is a new deposit from the outside instead of a transfer from an exchange?

You have a “withdrawal” from Coinbase Pro and a “deposit” in Yoroi. You can now mark these two transactions and “merge” them into one single “transfer”. Is this what you miss?

Hi Beachybumm!

Unfortunately we’re having an issue with the Coinbase API so any transfers between CB Pro and CB aren’t working properly. Our developers are aware and working on the issue.

For now the workaround would be to manually add the transfer from CB Pro to CB and then manually changing the CB > Yoroi transaction to a transfer as well. That should have the correct ledger entries.

I hope that helps!

Best regards,