Wrong price on many coins

Something has happened with the price, it showing wrong by a lot on a few ones like Cardano, Chilliz, THETA.

ADA shows “SEK 3.66” but it should be around 12-13 Sek. So something is terrible wrong

I know Coinmarkecap has severe issues with their database atm, so if information is coming from there, then we know why.

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Yeah just noticed Cardano is off by about $1.30 now

Not gonna lie almost shit myself when I looked

Is NANO off for you as well?


Coin Market Cap is having some serious problems and a lot of the prices as well of the total crypto market cap has been fluctuating wildly all day. Hopefully, they can sort that out quickly then it should sort itself out in Koinly also as we link to their API for data.

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I have coins shown twice

MIR is also off. hugely so.

Hi Shic,

Are you referring to this MIR?

It seems that our prices are correct for this token.

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Is Coinmarketcap your only single source for prices? I think that’s quite dangerous. Why not also get prices from other sources like Coingecko too? That would have the beneficial effect that Coingecko deliveres prices for coins and tokens which are not covered by Coinmarketcap. For example Coingecko just listed ICAP, the community token of Invictus Capital. In Koinly the price for ICAP is still zero.

What about using price oracles from Chainlink? Are they not exactly made to avoid such flaws as you experienced in June with the wrong CMC prices?