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Please support Pionex.


I’ve noticed that Pionex has added to their mobile app export Cointracker tab in their Excel. So you might want to bug the Pionex guys too. :slight_smile:

For myself I just managed to create script where I imported like 5000 transactions. It was off in the about 0.06952187 USDT as I have to convert micro BTC to BTC but I adjusted the last transaction so the end balance matches. Then again those small errors should be ok anyways.

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Hey guys,

You can get a CSV file of your Pionex transaction history by submitting a request on the Pionex Help Centre. In the subject line, just write “Request History Transaction for Tax Purposes” and add your Pionex email address too.

Make sure you request your complete transaction history from Pionex - this lets Koinly calculate your cost basis and short-term and long-term capital gains correctly. Your CSV file should be sent to you within 15 days of your request. Once you have it, you can upload to the Pionex wallet in Koinly.

Ali :rocket:

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