Unlocking the transaction limits using plan - do add-ons cover total or only the tax year?

Noob here, trying to get my head around transaction limits and plans. I know the free base plan generously works out capital gains and updates the dashboard for the first 10k transactions. If were to pay for a PRO for a particular tax year filing and add extra 1k transactions on the pro plan, would that cover for past and future tax years CGT calculations and dashboard updates (not filing)

Here’s a hypothetical

2021-2022 12k+ transactions, not exceeded CG threshold. No report.
2022-2023 12k+ transactions, probably unlikely too, got wrecked. No report.
2023-2024 Only 1k transaction, but expect to file a report.
2024-2025 1k transaction. I’m doing less on chain, and hodling more, will file a report
Total - 27k transactions

Can I just buy a PRO plan for 2023-2024 (10,000) add-on 10 x 1000 (+10,000) add along with the base plan of 10,000 cover all calculations?


Update: Trying different search terms, I came across this. I think this answered my question, but can team confirm, please?

“if you only need reports for the latest year (but still need to maintain the other ~40k transactions in your records) then you can buy a Pro Plan for this year only and add 50k additional transactions to it.”