SOL wallet not syncing correctly via API and missing transactions and NFTs

Wallet: Wallet - Phantom - Vault (Solana (SOL))
Transactions: 3627
Imported with: API

  1. No airdrops/forks found
  2. This API has certain limitations:
    ---- Spam NFTs will not be imported

Describe the problem:

Wallet address is 7d8eNk5CGYAphde8aN3TseZtAaomiP6cUEU8rMRXNkpR
When I add the wallet it is missing some NFT deposit transactions. For example on
Aug 29th 2021 I bought two SOLPUNKS from

One of the deposit transactions shows up

tx hash: 5d3gaitxfpqs1T62dvS6sHssZ4Xt2BP3ebezme2ZyJr49SNf8MMs1o2QeeBw6nf9nGtbt5UNDZ6iYtjYvsF9AYY5

The other does not

tx hash: 4x8CM4dW8HXBt2RTgTbq9WtXeH51geTXie8udDtVsDHQdWdp7vk2ND69zGShsNP6zo8XwEiqE4U8sBvQscVdqWuo

The tokens for these transactions are SOLPUNKS #9472 (listed) and SOLPUNKS #9106 (not imported).

Missing NFT transaction:

I’ve reimported the wallet several times and done a spot check on the number of transactions listed on the wallet page. Each time the number was different, ranging from 3611 to 3627 and above.

I’ve contacted support several times and they brushed me off with “the missing NFT has been marked as a spam NFT” - if this were the case then why can I see SOLPUNKS #9472??

Your helpdesk, although very polite, haven’t been useful at all.

Different transaction counts do not fill me with any confidence when using your software. Is your Solana API import fit for purpose?

Also, if you’re excluding transactions, why isn’t there a list anywhere so we can manually review and override any incorrect exclusions??

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Solana - 7d8eNk5CGYAphde8aN3TseZtAaomiP6cUEU8rMRXNkpR

How did you import data into this wallet?
Add wallet - select SOLANA - enter wallet address and ensure sync from beginning is selected (via API)

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Reimporting the wallet multiple times, finding that the number of transactions CONSTANTLY DIFFERS.

Please look at this ASAP. I’m preparing my tax statement for the UK at the moment.


I’d like someone to answer this - your SOL API import is missing heaps of transactions and there is now no way to import CSV transactions from Solscan…

Also having this same issue with Star Atlas. For staking of ships, it only pulls in half the resource tokens that were used.

I have pretty much same issues :frowning: