Product Update: 9th Aug 2021

  • Updated binance api, it now imports isolated margin trades, Coin-M futures, fiat purchases. “Convert page” history is still missing and “dust” txns older than a year are not provided by the api
  • Fixed issue with cardano api failing
  • Added CPA platform, accountants can now manage multiple clients from one place
  • Users can invite accountants to their Koinly accounts
  • Added long term holding period for Luxembourg (6 months)
  • Added links to polygonscan, xdai, BSC on transactions page
  • Signing in with Coinbase will no longer automatically create a Coinbase wallet
  • Ledger page (with the balance changes) now shows a link to the related transaction

Many exchange integrations have also been updated/added (this is ongoing work so we do not announce unless its something major).


Thanks for fixing Cardano api… syncing works again :slight_smile:

Wonderful! thanks for the update.!

What is (and where do I find) the ‘Ledger Page’?

Thank you for attempting to add transaction links to polygonscan. Unfortunately, they do not work. The Tx hash in the URL is missing the 0x prefix.

Coinbase (not pro) will not sync …I login with CB login ID and have never had to setup api keys…but it says they are invalid. Your federation between coinbase seems broken now

Yoroi ADA wallet still does not work. Fail

If you click on any of your transactions then you will see different tabs available within the transaction.
The first one is called ‘Details’, the second one ‘Ledger’ and the third one ‘Cost Analysis’.

From this Ledger tab, you can also enter the main wallet ledger by clicking on the little eye icon on the right:

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This is correct.
All users that are logging in with Coinbase will need to re-grant the permission for the API.
The Coinbase log-in was previously allowing the API by default but this is no longer the case.

Granting the permissions for the API is actually quite simple, you just click on your Coinbase wallet and then click on the ‘Auto sync enabled’ button which should be displaying an error. This will open up a window that allows you to grant Koinly the API permissions.


Hi Wily,

Have you re-synced the wallet?
The 403 error has been resolved so you must be getting a different one. You can post it here in the forum or contact us at [email protected]


Thank you. I have never really looked at that.


Oh Great, Thank you!

Do you have a Tutorial as to how to best use this feature?
I’ve been looking at it many a times but have not been able to make proper use of it it seems.

Oh and also, It would be great that once you click on ‘VIEW TXN’ within that entry that it wouldn’t fully close and reset the page. because then you have to finagle your way back to where you were before again every time.

as you are missing the biggest chains on the market (terra/luna, solana/sol, …), please, in the next update give us an estimated timeline about them.


Can Koinly capture Cardano staking yet? If so, how do I add that?

Add AVAX CChain please!


Export history data in Yoroi and import the csv in Koinly…done