Please add Beefy Finance support

Would be awesome if you had Beefy Finance support. So it can sort out total yeald. Then be able to sort the yield as regular income vs capital gains.

Thank you very much.

I’m treating Beefy as just capital gain as it’s basically just a normal trade.

You buy x # of LP tokens and exchange them for Moo tokens. Those LP tokens are no longer yours, you have disposed of them for another token. When you come to withdraw from Beefy you exchange/swap the Moo tokens for LP and pay capital gains +/- on the gains in value of the Moo tokens.

Hmm might try this on some of my pools. Most of my holdings are in a single asset staking however. Maybe i can just tag those as “sent to pool”. Mind me asking what you are doing for single asset staking on beefy?

Thank appriciate it

The same. You get Moo tokens back for staking stables too. It’s different to sending to pool like on normal farms so I wouldn’t tag it.


Appriciate the info. Just started in Koinly after trying like 4 ither trackers. Seems to work the best for BSC. I think the only one i tagged as “sent to pool” was my single beefy coin. Ill go back and change that.

Thanks again for the input, i appriciate it