Nexo Pro CSV file

Is there a project in place to create Tax return files for Nexo Pro. I used your software last year for all my trades executed in Nexo which I was able to upload and generate a tax return however since the new trading platform for Nexo Pro was introduced although you can create a csv file it is not recognised to upload into Koinly. Will this be resolved over the next eight months or will I have to look for an alternative tax return package ?



Hery @shaunee65

We have an open ticket with our product team regarding the CSV format for NEXO PRO, however, I do not have an ETA for this.

I understand my colleague Petur asked a user for a copy of the CSV file on our canny boards, do you have an example you could send us?

I have the same problem. Today I tried to upload the NexoPro csv file into Koinly, but I got the message that it is an unknown file.

Hi @Rasmus_SV,

Thank you for shining a light on this! We’ve just recently had an update from the dev team that they’ve fixed the CSV issue for Nexo Pro files! :raised_hands:


As mentioned in the feedback post, you may want to reimport your regular Nexo files or delete/then recreate the wallet before uploading your CSV files.

If you have any issue at all in the process, please connect with our support team. We’re happy to help at any step!

Thank you, Rasmus.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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