New API integration: Luno

We have added support for the Luno API.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Kind regards,
The Koinly team


Apparently the transactions are inserted in the opposite way as they should be.

Ex. if I bought BTC from EUR, it shows that I sold BTC and got EUR

Can you please solve this issue?

Thank you! Works pretty well so far, this will save me so much time.

I am having an issue with koinly not distinguising the internal savings wallet used on luno. On the exchange you can transfer from your exchange wallet , to a savings wallet. Which is a seperate wallet, still owned by yourself. But where you will get some interest. The issue i am having is that koinly picks this up as a deposit and a send. A workaround for the send is to manually mark as send to pool? But I dont know how to solve for the deposit without having to delete the deposit transaction?

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Please add Tokocrypto