Missing purchase history in Crypto.com

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According to the CDC website CDC offers V2 API using REST and websocket API.
They seem to be actively improving their platform as there is an update this month.
Could it be that the problem lies not in CDC having “any decent API” but in koinly working on connecting with it?
This is an important exchange which affects a large number of people. How about getting an API fix or use REST instead?


The CDC API states that it is not really meant for recovery, but only recent history. I have a Python script to rebuild trade history and import into Koinly. You can try it here: https://gitlab.com/ConorIA/notebooks/-/blob/dda0921a0ca3315546427f8a6f57a60b18c9f882/Crypto_com%20API%20trades%20export.ipynb

Thanks for your reply. I already downloaded the .csv files so I’m not sure if this would add to it.

Where did you download the CSV file from? If you’re talking about the app, that is separate from the exchange.

They were 4 different .csv files from the exchange. Buy sell dep with

Please refer to this page for info on importing crypto.com transactions:

The crypto.com exchange API is very limited right now but if they decide to improve it we will certainly make the appropriate changes on our side.