missing id on trade txn!

Describe the problem:
Missing ID on trade txn

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Deleted wallet and created it again.
Deleted API and created it again.
Forced a full resync manually.

Any update on Coinbase syncing ?

Hey guys @Marc_Sellares_Torra @Maxfli

Sorry for the wait here, we are still working on the issue and it is being prioritised internally. I will let you all know in this thread as soon as I get an update

Thank you appreciate it !

Any update yet on Coinbase not syncing ?

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Bumping this to see if others experiencing, I was told it was fixed but I’ve now tried deleting wallet and get exact same error message. I’ve also tried using Coinbase API and tried limiting import to today and still same error message. Thoughts ?

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