Mandala API still in beta?

Hi folks. The integrations page for Mandala says API is available. Preparing Your Mandala Taxes | Koinly

Yet this still shows as “Beta access required” when I try and set up my wallet. The API works elsewhere, so puzzled why it’s not out of Beta yet? The exchange is using Binance Cloud and is growing rapidly, about to list SafeMoon, and Mandala have signed a promotional deal with Accointing. If this doesn’t get resolved soon Koinly will miss the boat on the next Binance/BNB and some big volumes.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Delete key, delete wallet, create new key, add new wallet. Repeated several times.

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Basically if you get this out of beta, you get my subscription. Making it easy for you here folks.


Alex from Koinly here :slight_smile:

We’re hoping to have a lot of the Beta access API’s fully released soon. I don’t have a timeline at the moment but rest assured we are doing our best to push out more integrations and support!

Best regards,

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It’s approaching tax deadline and Mandala API is still in beta, will it be ready in time? I just paid for a Pro tier so a working API would be great. They export trades in 3-month increments using xls files, and they don’t have an export button for deposits/withdraws so had to put in a ticket.

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Hey Alex, any update on this please?

Just prodding to keep this one alive…

Same problem. Nightmare to figure this one out. Not that hard.
Key+ Private key just like the others

I have given up using koinly exacly for this reason. the CSV import is pretty much impossible to use.
Shame since I like koinly ( and had sadly already paid, well that money out the window now )

It’s getting frustrating. The API product should be similar to other Binance Cloud exchanges. Struggling to understand why this isn’t getting any traction.