Kraken API Issue with Bonded Staking

Describe the problem:

It is now possible for several Coins on Kraken, to perform “bonded” Staking, which means there is an unbounding period, when unstaking these coins. I did this with Polkadot, and it seems that the API therfore reports the asset as “DOT28 (Unknown)” instead of “DOT”, and I therefore get a balance missmatch. Is it possible to fix this ? DOT 28 & DOT are the same assets.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?


How did you import data into this wallet?

With the new Kraken API (The one from November 2022)

What have you tried to fix this so far?

Nothing to do so far, I hope it will get solved by the Koinly API Integration Team.


Same here, any idea when is this going to be resolved?

Same here, I used bonded staking with Kava and Scrt, and I’m getting Unknown asset errors.

I contacted Koinly and they said they’ll add support for Kava21 and Scrt21. I don’t know if they’ll take care of the full list but those two were only ones I had samples to send.


Hi @Luc_Ourth,

Thank you for your patience with us and welcome to the Discuss community!

You are spot on that the dev team has this on their roadmap. They are working on both API and CSV imports to include Bonded staking.

@ender and @liisi_anttila - thank you both for being curious and contributing to the post! I don’t yet have an ETA on this, though please connect with our support team if you haven’t already.

When you do you can request to be notified for the integration “Kraken API/CSV: Rewards from bonded staking are not returned/ Currency not found.” Once the dev team completed their work you’ll immediately receive notice that it’s live and ready to go!

Additionally, our dev team will take notice and expedite integrations/features as they become more popular. If you know of anyone else that wants to see this implemented, please have them connect with our support team to add their votes as well! :sparkles:

Thank you and have an awesome day!

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