Japan -Total Avereage Method,When will it have support?

When will you have support for this method? (Total Average)

It has become the default one in Japan, and I can only use ACB.

Any timeline on this?

you may also upvote this ticket to be notified when this will be added, I am sorry but I do not have an ETA.

Hey @cajolen

Thanks for the post. We only support the moving average (acb)

are you saying that this method is no longer applicable in Japan? If so, I will be sure to let the team know.

You can use it. But by default, everyone will be switched over to Total Average.
Only people who request ACB will get it.

So Total Average will be nessecary for me to keep using Koinly. And I guess a lot of other people as well.


See: The NTA has changed the default acquisition-price calculation method from moving-average to total-average.