Issues with Terra Classic and Terrastation Classic

Describe the problem:
I tried to add Terra Classic and Terrastation Classic to my wallets but they are both giving me error.

  • Terrastation classic: “Issue with proxy auth 407, try again in a few minutes”
  • Terra classic: “The Terra API seems to be down at the moment. Please again later”

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Terrastation classic and Terra classic

How did you import data into this wallet?
Wallet address

Hi @mfoglio,

Thank you for your patience with us and welcome to the community, man!

You may already be beyond these issues I hope. To provide an explanation, we had an outage at the time that affected many of our users. This issue was addressed and fixed by our infrastructure team swiftly and all the wallets are now syncing normally.:blush:

If any of your wallets are still showing this error, please try syncing it again by clicking the “Sync Now” button. :raised_hands:

We’ll be swift to connect going forward, man. Thank you again for your patience and have an awesome day!

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