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Hi @miguelm. Yes - I have the same issue. there currently isn’t an API for the CDC exchange which is very frustrating! You can’t even download a CSV file for importing! :frowning:

There is no way i’m adding daily transactions for each and every CRO transaction from staked CRO. I just hope they issue the API very soon!

but I did download the csv from the app and I have the information in csv, the problem is that koinly does not import proprely from the csv the data that as “crypto_to_exchange_transfer”
Now, I did not test the opposite direction, from the exchange to the crypto app.

Yes - csv file from the app is fine and any transfers are labelled as you say ‘crypto_to_exchange_transfer’. However, we need the csv file from the exchange to link up with the app transactions.
In the meantime - manually add that you’ve trnasfered to your exchange wallet:

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