How to Unmerge Transactions

Hi all,

Many people have created threads or feature requests on the ability to ‘unmerge’ transactions you accidentally merged together. Essentially an “undo” button which IS a feature request I see a lot and definitely one Koinly needs to implement.

Nevertheless, UNMERGING transactions is possible!

Here’s how:

Click on the ‘merged transaction’ to expand the details below it. Then click ‘Ledger’ instead of the default selected ‘Details’.

At the bottom you should see a RED button called ‘Split Entries’.

It’ll then give you this pop-up box:

“You are about to split the entries from this transaction into separate transactions. This is only useful if you accidentally merged certain transactions or if a transfer was incorrectly auto-matched.”

Click ‘confirm’ and tada!

Your previously merged transactions that you did accidentally or just wanted to undo have been unmerged successfully.

No need to resync or go through some other long-winded method.

Hope this helped!

Koinly team I ask you leave this thread up as I believe it’ll help many.

Thank you.

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hey @Burge

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Yes, we noticed that education around this topic was a little slim, so we went ahead and created a help article for this too :slight_smile: