How to custom track price of a token?

Hi, is there a way to add a custom token and track the price? I have cake - lp tokens from pancake swap and pricing is not tracked. any way to do this?

Hi @Jon_Mardell,:wave:

Thank you for reaching out to us with your query!:blush:

With regard to the first part of your question, you can add a custom token in Koinly using our NULL1, NULL2… placeholders and you can also manually set the worth of the token!
When it comes to LP tokens, however, we support a large number of liquidity protocols, including Pancakeswap, and all you have to do there is to tag your Cake-LP transactions as “sent to pool” and “received from pool”. This ensures that the cost basis is carried over appropriately.
Here is an article regarding liquidity transactions that will answer some related questions that you might have!

If you need any further assistance with such transactions, reach out to us via the link below:
[email protected] :blush:

thanks, i know i can manually change the cost amount per transaction but is there a way to do it for all transactions easliy? There would be 15 transactions a day and setting the price for all of them would make life a lot easier.

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