HNT thousands of transactions: merge flag for file import needed

Describe the problem:
HNT mining creates alot of noise in form of transactions each day with very tiny values.
Merging just a single day takes some time because of this nasty max 9 merge able lines limit.
But really crazy is that the pagelimit options are 10 or 25 lines… If there would be an opton for 9 lines like merge limit has but no its 10 or 25…
Feels like the programmer is watching over my shoulder laughing each time when I merge - wahha he wanna merge all lines of the page but he always has to deselect one to perform it…only 9 are possible the 10’s is the forbidden one.
But what are our options? Even if i optimize the click session, its very nasty.
Doesn’t feel like - yea, I have koinly who supports my tax report!
If you have to do this manual merge for 365 days then its getting ugly.
Please do one or all of these adjustments to support HNT miners.

a) change max merge limit to 10 lines for been able to merge all transaction in screen (easy to implement)
b) change max merge limit to all transaction of day with same label (new feature)
c) The smart way - via file import. Make it possible to flag transactions with a “merge flag” in an explizit column in file import. Like the date of transaction could be the trigger ID manual added in this column. All lines with same trigger ID will get automerged during upload if they are from same day and have all the same label. ie mining

The result would be only several hundred transactions instead of several thousand which brings us more to a realistic price point of needed subscription.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Helium - HNT

How did you import data into this wallet?
file import with tag “mining” in all transactons.
searched google for koinly options, searched subscription options, watched youtube videos - no solution for this issue.

What have you tried to fix this so far?
manual merged 9 lines each in webapp…and next 9 and next…but HNT creates 20+ each day and one year has 365 of it. I have upgraded this year to 1000 transactions because i knew Helium will create alot more transaction then trading private. But its way more than expected.

  • most of us are earning tiny values each day with mining Helium.
    I understand that you want your unlimited subscription sold, but the price for it is much higher then a helium miner creates in income for most of the people.

There are nearly one million helium miners out there. This is a massive group of tax payers and koinly has no matching product for this group of people!?
Be creative, support the user and earn what you deserve.

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