Fixing Liquidity in/out labeled wrong - MMF LP tokens

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure if it will work for everyone but for those who are having issues with proper liquidity in/out for older MMF LP token transactions, I might have found a fix.

If Kionly has it reported as send out (for the 2 base tokens) and deposit (for the LP token). You can change all three to send to pool and then unpool them. It seems that after unpooling, Kionly properly detects they are liquidity in transactions. It seems to work as well when you go in reverse LP tokens to > base tokens.

It may not work for everyone but i noticed it worked for a few of my transactions. I’m still in the middle of cleaning up my own files so im not sure if it will fix everything or just the few i tested.

Hi @ZeroChalala,

Pardon this long overdue welcome to the Discuss community! :sparkles:

I really wanted to thank you for shining this fix to everyone that checked this post out. You’re spot on across the board with your fix.


These deposits are indeed fixed by withdrawing from the pool, some of the labels and rewards were misaligned.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you again for shining your light! :raised_hands:

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