Expert review for tax report

If you purchase the Expert Review, do they fix the issues with the error messages and missing transactions or just give advice?

Hi Bryalana,

A bit of both.
The experts will be able to fix some of your issues themselves such as incorrectly imported or tagged transactions. They will need to ask you about some transactions if it is not clear how they should be treated.
If you have any missing data then the experts can give advice on how to find the missing data but you will still be the one that has to retrieve it from the relevant exchange.

The expert review option is basically a review that is carried out by our team members who are experienced with data import from crypto exchanges. We will highlight things like incorrectly imported transactions, missing wallets (if any) etc.

It is basically an audit of the data that has been entered into Koinly, once this is done, you can simply print out your reports.

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