Do you plan to integrate polymesh network to koinly?

Hi Koinly!

My question is simple, do you plan to add support for Polymesh network? It is substrate based project, so it should be relatively easy to integrate. They also have strong developer support community to assist with the integration.

I know many people who would love to use koinly who hold Polymesh (POLYX).

Thanks a lot for your answer

Please integrate Polymesh! Make my life easier PLEASE :pleading_face:


Agree a Polymesh integration would be beneficial to both communities.


I really hope that they will chose to integrate polymesh. I am pretty sure that there is many people from Polymesh that would be happy to start using Koinly in order to make their life easier. :slight_smile:

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Please integrate POLYMESH.

Polymesh integration would be a huge plus!

Give me Polymesh or give me death!

Polymesh would be a great addition to your platform.