Defi: Support for staking contracts

Currently when I deposit tokens into a staking contract (for example, depositing CRVRENWBTC into a Curve gauge), I see this as a withdrawal to the contract’s address. When I later unstake it is shown as an external deposit. These should be shown as a transfers. Defining the contract address as a wallet does not work since then I see everybody else’s transaction.

I propose a simple solution whereby I could define a wallet as a staking wallet, and then only my transactions would be recorded in the wallet and shown as transfers. These transactions are easily identified since they are transactions that are already recorded by Koinly in my other wallets to/from this address

Also it would be nice to be able to manually change a withdrawal/deposit transaction to a transfer in case this does not work automatically.

Much needed! I believe that Dan’s solution is spot on. Please add mechanics to support Defi Staking and Blockchain Certificate of Deposit (CDs) contracts.

Hi, you can use the new Sent to Pool and Received from Pool tags for this.

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This is great! Thank you! Upon receiving coins back from the pool (principle + interest) the system throws a warning “Missing purchase history for (amount of crypto interest)” Is there a way to inform the system that these coins are the interest from that particular stake?

Thanks again!

@koinly can you please publish and / or let me know about help pages for this?

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We will be adding a help article on this, it is still somewhat of a beta feature that we will be improving further. You will need to manually create a deposit transaction into the “Pool” wallet equal to the amount thats missing (also label this txn as Reward).


It would be very helpful if you could enable adding a coin via its contract/address, instead of just searching for the name and picking from a list. I am looking to add a specific UNI-V2 token, which was the LP token for CORE-ETH - however when I input the contract for the particular LP, nothing shows up. I can search for the name “UNI-V2” and I get almost 1000 results. Unfortunately I have no idea which one is the one I’m looking for as they’re all named the same…

I want to add transactions for this one: 0x32ce7e48debdccbfe0cd037cc89526e4382cb81b

You would have to create a manual txn into the “pool” wallet and mark it as Reward

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Hi !
Same issue here, Is the help article already available ?

I created the manual reward in my pool wallet as suggested…
Is there a way to make the pool wallet a bit more visible ?
I was able to find it in the wallet list in “Transaction” section but it’s not displayed in the wallet list in “Wallets” section