Currency with symbol=PWSENSOR not found for Algo!

Hi, I am testing Koinly prior to purchasing an account and have an issue with my Algorand wallet, which I use for collecting PLANETS rewards from my Planetwatch sensor. When I try to autosync using my wallet’s public key I get the following error:

Wallet: Algorand (ALGO) (Algorand (ALGO))
Transactions: 0
Imported with: API

  1. Currency with symbol = PWSENSOR not found for algo!
  2. No transactions found

I have tried exporting both the Algo and Planet records from the official Algorand app, to separate CSV files. Due to thousands of zero transactions (from Planetwatch data streams I guess) the files were too large to upload. I filtered them and removed the zero transactions and this reduced the files to 41KB so I could upload them but I am then told to use the Autosync for Algorand transactions.

Please do you have a solution for this problem, i.e. how to get Koinly to disregard the entry for the PWSensor in the wallet? The PLANET token isn’t the issue here - I can track the movement of both ALGO and PLANET tokens between my exchange wallets, it is just the actual wallet on the Algorand blockchain I have the issue with.

Kind regards