Contract on a listed coin

How can I check the contract on a listed coin ,so I get the right one for manual transactions?

Hey @vandazum

Do you mean the contract in general or the contract which Koinly has in its database? Usually, it will be the same as the one listed in Coingecko but there is no way for users to check the Koinly currency DB for the contract.

If you tell me which Coin, I can check it for you. :+1:

Hi Ali ,its for BlockVerse (BLOCK) on the Apex Chain , its Ok I have requested integration which I suppose is proceeding ,One of your guys Michael assures me its in the process.Thanks anyway

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Hi @vandazum,

You’re spot on, man! The Dev team recently had this added to their roadmap. It’s a popular request that many are looking forward to. It helps the dev team expedite projects when more people add their support for it.

If you know others that would be excited or interested, please share the feedback page to encourage support and be contacted once BLOCK is ready to go!

I’ll still be sharing updates as they come through, and let us know anytime for status updates. :raised_hands:

Have an awesome day!

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