BLOCKverse (BLOCK) Please list

Hi ,Apex chain has new listing on cmc and cg for Blockverse (BLOCK) can you please add it here ,thanks

Hi @vandazum,

We’re totally with you on this! our dev team has this on their roadmap and are keen to add it to Koinly. I don’t yet have an ETA, though if you would like we can send you a notification when the dev team have completed their magic.

Please add your vote and share this with anyone else interested in all things BLOCKverse!

If you have any questions about unsupported wallets, please connect with our support team!

Thank you again, vandazum. Have an awesome day!

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Hi Michael ,any updates on the progress of this one?

Yes thanks Michael ,that would be great, the lads and gals are cheering already !

Any updates on when this might happen?

Hi @vandazum,

We’re cheering the integration as well! When it is ready to go we’ll all be rejoicing…floating in bliss! I’ve just checked with the dev team on the status, and while it’s on their roadmap I don’t yet have a timeline to share. I will continue to inquire and when there’s an update I’ll report back here.

Please feel free to check in with me anytime so at least we have the lines of communication open.

Thank you again for generating positive momentum for all things BLOCK, V!

Have a wonderful day!

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