Binance missing purchase history (conversions)

Describe the problem:
Missing purchase history for conversions (ETH-ADA, ETH-USDT)

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Binance (Spot Wallet)

How did you import data into this wallet?
I first did API then had errors, so deleted that and uploaded a CSV of all transaction history.

What have you tried to fix this so far?
I’ve entered manual transactions of the two errors. Still showing missing purchase history.

Exchanget 1.0 ETH - 1180 USDT (1178.55 after fee)
Then I used that USDT to purchase a few hundred DOT and now it’s saying missing purchase history.

The following is the error (the 0.35 ETH - ADA seems to be ok though I don’t know what this little ADA error is either… I would ignore the 0.001804 ADA … that’s not even 1c AUD)

Wallet: Binance (Binance)
Transactions: 46
Imported with: CSV

  1. No airdrops/forks found
  2. 2 transactions are missing purchase history
    ---- Missing 1178.556288 USDT on 2021-01-07 11:26:42 UTC
    ---- Missing 0.001804 ADA on 2021-01-08 22:24:04 UTC
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