Arbitrum Nova blockchain support

Arbitrum Nova blockchain is not available. Could you please provide support for this?

Hi Fishonstilts,

I hope you’re well and thanks for your message. :blush:

Good news! Arbitrum Nova is on our to-do list. If you upvote the below request on our Feedback Portal, you will receive an email update when its status changes.

I don’t have an ETA at this time as I don’t want to give false promises, but we’ll also share the news on our Discuss forum and our Twitter page once it’s ready. Stay tuned! :tada:

At the moment, you will need to import this data using CSV files or by adding the transactions manually. You can see this guide on how to import data from unsupported sources.

You can also vote for other integrations and features on our Canny page. :slightly_smiling_face: