Add support for Curve pools and yEarn vaults

Usage of Curve pools and yEarn vaults is quite popular now, particularly with yETH launch.

While yEarn vaults can now be purchased directly, previously it was required that you first go via Curve to obtain their LP tokens before you could get access to yEarn. So these historical vault purchases are a bit of a mess right now in Koinly.

Hi please email [email protected] with the transaction hash for some of your vault transactions along with your public address. We are working on adding support for Defi frameworks this week.

Thank you. I have gone ahead and emailed examples of the following transactions that are yet to be recognised on Koinly:

  • USDC to yCurve pool (via
  • Deposit into yCurve pool (directly on
  • yCurve to yearn yCRV Vault (aka yUSD)
  • wBTC & RenBTC removed from Balancer pool
  • wBTC & RenBTC into Curve pool
  • Curve pool to wBTC